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Automobiles are breeding grounds for micro-organisms and germs of all types.

Here are some examples of micro-organisms and germs that are found in your vehicle:

  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • e-coli
  • food spills
  • saliva
  • mildew from moist droplets
  • molds
  • yeasts
  • liquid residues
  • cigarette smoke
  • chemicals
  • feces from insects

Every time you step into or out of your vehicle or drive with windows open, you allow micro-organisms of all types to enter your vehicle’s interior.

Over time, there is an accumulation of these micro-organisms and usually lead to what you know as your ‘car smell’.

These airborne particles are also ingested by you when you are breathing in your car and your body has to filter them out best it can.

The older your vehicle, the more accumulation of micro-organisms.

There is a solution to get rid of these micro-organisms… Ozone!

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas found in our Earth’s atmosphere that is responsible for clean, fresh air that we smell and breathe on a regular basis.

Ozone is created by exposing oxygen to ultraviolet light, much like the conversion of oxygen to ozone in our earth’s atmosphere.

At Spotless Auto Detailing, we have Ozone producing technology that creates a high amount of concentrated ozone that we then use to sanitize your automobile.

Ozone destroys odors and micro-organisms in your vehicle, including bacteria, viruses, and even molds.

This ozone sanitation process is 100% safe, harmless to your vehicle, and is chemical-free.

Once ozone reacts with the micro-organisms, the ozone is converted back into oxygen in a safe and natural manner.

Benefits of Ozone Odor Sanitation Treatment

  • An environmentally friendly process that uses oxygen in our air to create a powerful micro-organism killing molecule – ozone
  • Completely safe on all surfaces
  • Sanitizes surfaces thoroughly
  • Disinfects surfaces
  • Eliminates odors
  • Provides new car scent

Ozone Odor Sanitation Process

1. Interior Surface Preparation

  • Before we perform an Ozone Odor Sanitation Treatment in your vehicle, please remove everything out of your car, including items in the glove box and the trunk
  • Note: In order to maximize the Ozone’s performance, we may recommend that your vehicle’s interior is detailed prior to Ozone Odor Sanitation

2. Ozone Odor Sanitation 

  • Using our exclusive Ozone Odor Sanitation Technology, your auto detailing technician meticulously goes through every area of your car with the concentrated ozone spewing wand to clean, disinfect, and sanitize your vehicle
  • During an Ozone treatment, high voltage electricity converts atmospheric oxygen into Ozone
  • This potent anti-oxidant deeply penetrates your vehicle’s seat cushions, floor mats, and even the deepest of corners underneath your seats
  • As it penetrates, the Ozone instantly kills all the odor-carrying micro-organisms and germs creating a healthier environment for you to drive in
  • The entire ozone treatment can take 30-60 minutes, depending on the severity of the odor in your vehicle

Ozone Odor Sanitation Treatment

From $77* for Automobiles / $97* for SUV’s

  • Ozone fog sanitizes all surfaces of bacteria, viruses, cigarette smoke, mold, mildew, saliva, e-coli, yeast and liquid residues

  • You will receive a Certificate of Ozone Sanitation Treatment & Ozone Guarantee for your record

  • Note: All personal belongings must be completely removed by vehicle owner prior to cleaning

* All prices plus HST

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